Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“Couldn’t open System.mda” error message in MS Access

System.mda file in MS Access is referred to as the “System Database.” Corruption in system.mda file can occur due to file system damage, operating system corruption, virus infection and more reasons. Once the system.mda file is corrupted, the data stored in the MS Access database becomes inaccessible. The user can recover and restore the data from a recent back up. But, if the user has not maintained any back up of the inaccessible Access database, then he needs to use effective Access Recovery software to completely recover and restore the Access database.

For example, when a user attempts to start MS Access database, he encounters any of the below error messages:
“Couldn't open SYSTEM.MDA”
is corrupted or is not a database file. Attempt to repair?”

After the above error message appears, the Access database becomes inaccessible. The main cause of the above error message is an internal database flag set has been corrupted. To resolve the error and make the MS Access database usable, the user needs to reset the internal database flag. To do so, all the users accessing the database on the network need to firstly log out. After the users have logged out, the Compact and Repair utility needs to be executed. In case of database corruption, the Compact and Repair utility regains the wasted space. This inbuilt utility enables the user to repair the corrupted MS Access database.

But if Compact and Repair utility fails to repair the Access database or reset the internal database flag, then the user needs to use powerful access repair software. This Access Repair application incorporates influential and advanced scanning algorithms to repair and restore the MS Access database.

Stellar Phoenix access recovery. is the most powerful Access Recovery application to achieve quick, absolute and trouble free Access Recovery. This Access Repair read only utility provides interactive user interface and can repair access objects such as, tables, queries, macro, module, forms and report. This Access Repair utility recovers Auto Number, hyperlink, OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) and Yes/No fields along with all types of queries from the corrupted Access database. It is compatible with Access 2007, 2003, 2002(XP) and 2000. The demo version of this utility is available on Stellar’s website. So, if you face any Access database corruption, you should consider Stellar’s Access Recovery utility, as it provides the finest Access Database Repair.

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