Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ideal way to repair corrupted MS Access database

Any user using MS Access is likely to have had issues due to corruption or damage in database. While the percentage of Access database corruption varies under different scenarios, the result in most of the cases remains the same – inaccessibility of records saved in MS Access database components, like tables, forms, reports, etc. In such situations, the best way is to restore the required data from an updated database backup. But, in case of backup unavailability or backup falling short of restoring the required information, you will need to use advanced access recovery tool to repair the corrupt database and access your records.

Consider a practical scenario, where your Access database gets corrupted and you are no more able to access its records. The corruption can be identified with the below error message that appears every time when you attempt to access your database:

“Unrecognized format”


Few main causes for Access database corruption are improper system shutdown, application malfunction, and virus attacks.


To repair the database and access the records, in case the “Compact and Repair” utility fails to perform complete repair, you will need to create new database and one-by-one import all the objects. To do so, you will need to follow the below steps:

1.Start MS Access and create a new database.
1.Select Get External Data under the File menu options, and then click Import.
2.Next, click on Microsoft Office Access (*.mdb;*.adp;*.mda;*.mde;*.ade) in the “Files of type” list.
3.Choose your desired drive and folder (which stores the old database) in the “Look in” box.
4.Choose the required file and click on Import.
5.Select all the required MS Access components you want to import.
6.Click OK after selecting the components.
7.Compile the imported modules in the new MS Access database.
8.Exit Microsoft Access.

The above steps enable you to overcome all kinds of database corruption scenarios. However, if the above steps fail to resolve, then you will need to opt for advanced Access Database Repair application. These repair access tool are self-explicable and do not require any prior technical knowledge to perform database repair.

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