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How to Fix Unrecognized Database Format Filename Mdb Error in MS Access

Microsoft Access is a widely-used desktop relational database application. The .mdb files created with this program contain tables, fields, data entry forms, queries, stored procedures, reports, and more. An .mdb file stores data as continuous pages with a fixed size. The first page, database definition page, holds the most important definitions of the database. And, if this page structure gets damaged due to any reason, Access will not be able to recognize and read pages in the file and will report an error. In such situations, it becomes important to repair corrupt.mdb file or access the data from a clean and updated backup. However, if no backup is available, then you must consider using an advanced Access recovery software.

Consider a practical scenario, wherein, you try and mount an Access database (related to your employees personal details) and receive the following error message:

Unrecognized database format 'filename.mdb'

In the above error, the filename.mdb refers to corrupt.mdb file. As a result of the error, you cannot access relevant information related to your employees.


There might be two possible reasons for this particular error:

1. The error can appear when you are trying to open the Access database in an earlier version instead of opening it in the newer version of MS Access
2. The error can also appear if your MS Access database is corrupt


Try the following Access database recovery steps in order to access database information:

1. You must convert the database into the lower version of MS Access, using your current version. After converting, you can open the database with an older version.
2. In order to repair the corrupt Access database, you can use the inbuilt repair utility, Compact and Repair. Consider the following steps:
On the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click Compact and Repair Database.
In the Database to Compact From dialog box, specify the Access file you want to compact, and then click Compact.
In the Compact Database Into dialog box, specify a name, drive, and folder for the compacted Access file.
Click Save.
If after observing the above-mentioned steps, you still encounter the same error, download an Access repair software from the Internet.

Jeny is a self employed Internet entrepreneur and product reviewer. This mdb repair utility is extremely useful when the access file gets corrupted due to internal program errors, hardware malfunctioning and more.

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