Thursday, March 17, 2011

Access Recovery to Fix Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Corruption

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is an implementation of event drive programming language of Microsoft. It is also an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is built in most of the MS Office applications, including Microsoft Access. However, in some situations, VBA may get damaged and cause database corruption. This behavior of MS Access may lead to database inaccessible and cause severe data loss. In such critical situations, you are required to opt for Access database repair solutions to get your mission critical data back.

As a practical example of this problem with Microsoft Access, you may encounter any of the below error message when you attempt to open Visual Basic Editor in MS Access:

The Visual Basic for Applications project in this database is corrupt.


The module name 'module name' is misspelled or refers to a module that doesn't exist.

If the invalid module name is in a macro, an Action Failed dialog box will display the macro name and the macro's arguments after you click OK. Open the Macro window, and type the correct module name.

When you encounter this problem, Access database becomes totally inaccessible and you can not even edit the VBA. In such situations, you need to find out the cause of this issue and use Access repair solutions to fix it.


This issue occurs due to corruption to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Corruption can be due to any of the following reasons-

· Virus infection

· Application malfunction

· Storing Access database on network

· Improper system shutdown


Modules, reports, and forms use VBA. You can use the below Access recovery steps to save your queries, macros, and tables-

· Create a blank database.

· Open affected database and click Tables under Objects.

· Right-click first table and click Export on shortcut menu.

· In Export to dialog box, select the newly created database.

· Click new database and click OK.

· Repeat 4 through 6 steps for every table, macro, and query.

If you can not fix this problem using the above steps, then you need to opt for Access repair software. The Access database repair applications are capable of recovering Access database in all corruption situations.

Access recovery software can easily repair all sizes of databases. They work well with Microsoft Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The most efficient and popular Access repair tool is Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software.

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