Saturday, September 5, 2009

ACCDB file corruption due to defective Network hardware components

A shared Access 2007 database file (.accdb) kept on the network server can be accessed by all the authorized database users connected in the network. For easy and fast accessing of .accdb file stored on the network, various hardware components like, interface cards, network cables, routers, etc., are attached to the network. While these hardware components ease the accessibility of .accdb file, damage to even a single network component can result in complete or partial corruption of records saved in .accdb file. To overcome such Access corruption situations, an updated backup always helps. However, if no valid backup is available or backup falls short to restore database file, then you will need to opt for advanced access repair application.

Consider a practical scenario, where you have an Access 2007 database file (Employee.accdb) saved on the network server. You make some changes in the records of Employee.accdb file which could not be saved accordingly due to a faulty network device (Network cables). Continuous changes of records saved in Employee.accdb file result in the complete or partial corruption of Access database. Few other network related factors that can result in corruption of records saved in .accdb file are:

Slow network software
Network driver crash
Damaged utility software (like screen savers)

To prevent the .accdb file records from corruption, you should always install good quality network hardware components in the network. Before changing the any network component, you will need to make sure that the Access database corruption has occurred due to faulty network components. To verify, you will need to use Compact and Repair utility. In most cases, the repair utility is unable to repair the Access database corrupted due to faulty network hardware component. For complete repair of Access database file in such scenarios, you will need to use advanced Access Repair software.

An Access Database Repair tool employs advanced scanning procedures to repair access database files (.accdb and .mdb). Such repair tools are designed by highly qualified database recovery experts and are easy to implement due to their interactive user-interface.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is a reliable access database repair tool that orderly repairs all the Access databases files created in Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002), and 2000. The read only utility can Repair Access database components including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules. It supports Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT operating systems.

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