Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Error Message “Invalid Operation” while repairing .accdb file

The “Compact and Repair” utility in Microsoft Access 2007 allows you to repair the corrupted .accdb file in most of the cases. While the inbuilt repair utility ensures complete repair of .accdb file in almost all logical data situations, an error message while using the utility means that either the file has been corrupted badly or there is some issue related to the tables linked at back end. To overcome such situations, the best possible way is to restore the data from an updated backup. But if in case, you have not maintained any backup or backup falls short to restore the required data, then you will need to opt for advanced access repair application to repair your damaged .accdb file.

Consider a practical scenario, where your .accdb file gets corrupted due to any of these reasons – application malfunction, operating system corruption, file system damage, virus attack, etc. To repair your corrupted .accdb file, you use the “Compact and Repair” utility using the below methods:

1.Click Microsoft Office icon, and then select “Manage”
2.Select the first option “Compact and Repair Database”
3.Choose the .accdb file you want to repair, and click Compact.
4.Provide an appropriate name to the repaired .accdb file, and click Save.

However while the repair utility started repairing your corrupted .accdb file, you encounter the below error message:

“Invalid Operation”

Furthermore, you encounter the same error message each time you attempt to repair your database file using this utility.


Two main reasons for the occurrence of the above error message are discussed below:
Linking of system tables with other tables.

.accdb file badly corrupted.

In case of error message due to first reason, you will need to delete all the linked files and start the repair process again. But, if the .accdb file is badly corrupted, then you will need to use advanced Access Repair application. These access database repair tools use effective scanning techniques to to repair corrupted .accdb file. Such repair tools are built with interactive user interface, which makes them easy to understand without any former technical skills.

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