Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tips to Resolve “You have chosen to alter the mode...” Error Message

Error messages at the initial stage of database startup (mounting an MS Access database) or while accessing the database can leave the database user into difficult situations. Such error messages primarily result in unmountability of database, which further result in inaccessibility of stored records. The root cause for occurrence of such error messages is damage in MS Access database. An easy way to access the database records in such situations is by restoring the data from an updated backup. While most of database users maintain a valid backup for their database, there are some who forget to do so. For them, a powerful third-party access file repair application acts as a boon.

Consider a practical situation, where you receive the below error message while attempting to view the records using a query:

You have chosen to alter the mode in which SQL syntax will be interpreted in this database.
This will mean: Existing queries may return different results or not run at all. The range
of data-types and reserved words will change. Different wild cards will be used. It is
recommended that you make a backup copy of this database before continuing. If you agree
to continue, Access will close this database, compact it, and re-open in the new mode. Select
OK to continue.

As the error message explains, the query will either display wrong results or not execute at all.


Access Database corruption due to altering the mode.


The resolution as suggested in error message is to compact and repair the database using below steps:

1.Firstly, select 'Tools' (option available on the Toolbar Menu).
2.Now, select 'Compact and Repair Database' (option available under 'Database Utilities' list).
3.Click 'Database to Compact From’ (to select the corrupt database).
4.Click 'Compact' (for beginning the repair process).
5.Click Save after providing a desired location to save the repaired database.

Compacting and repairing the database resolves your issue in most corruption scenario. In case compacting and repairing process fails, you will need to use effective repair access tool. An Access Repair application uses effective repairing algorithms, which comprehensively scan and repair the corrupt database.

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