Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recover OLE objects from corrupt Access database

OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) object fields in Microsoft Access save data (photos, binary data, documents, sound, etc) created in other applications into Access database. All the linked objects appear the same in the database and can be easily deleted or moved. Inaccessibility of OLE objects mainly occurs when your Access database gets corrupted or damaged. An easy way to access OLE objects is by restoring them from an updated backup. However, in case of no backup availability or backup falling short to restore needed OLE objects, you will need to use advanced access repair application.

To illustrate the above case, consider a scenario where you receive an error message while trying to open an OLE object field. The error message repeatedly appears each time you attempt to access the OLE object.


Few main causes for OLE objects inaccessibility are discussed below:

Access database corruption
Deletion of OLE object

Note: Corruption in Access database can be caused due to third-party add-ons, MS Office malfunction, operating system damage, and virus attacks.


While the deleted OLE object field needs a restoration from an valid backup, corrupted Access database can be repaired using below steps:

Go to the Tools menu and click Database utilities
Choose Compact and Repair Database feature.
Select the damaged Access file in ‘Database to Compact From’ dialog box.
Click Compact.
Provide a new destination in the ‘Compact Database Into’ dialog box
Assign a valid name to your repaired database.
Click Save.

Above steps repair your corrupt database to maximum extent in most scenarios. However, if the above steps fail and your problem persists, then you will need to use advanced Access Database Repair application that can repair your database and recover all OLE object fields. Such repair tools use intensive scanning techniques to repair Access database and restore all the recoverable OLE object fields on default or new user-specified destination. With to-the-point documentation and highly interactive user-interface, access database repair using these tools becomes an easy and simple process.

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