Monday, December 14, 2009

Abnormal Termination of MS Office by using Task Manager

The Windows NT pool of operating systems contains a task manager “Windows Task Manager” that allows you view complete information about the running processes and applications, network statistics and activities, system services, system's performance, logged-in users, and commit charge. The task manager can also be used for abnormal or forcible termination of applications and process. This kind of abnormal termination of applications (in this case, MS Access) might result into corruption of database, which further results into inaccessibility of its records. For complete access of database records in such situations, restoration from an updated database backup is always an easy option. However, in difficult situations where you have either not created any database backup or backup falls short to restore the desired records, you will need to repair your database by using advanced access repair application.

Picture a situation, where you are performing various tasks (updating Access database records, downloading heavy from Internet, copying data from memory card, etc.) on your computer. While performing your tasks, your system hangs and to stop re-continue with your work, you open the Task Manager to abnormally shut down some of the applications. While doing so, you abnormally terminate MS Access application. Now, when you attempt to remount your MS Access database, it fails to mount, making your database records inaccessible.


Access database corruption due to abnormal termination of MS Access application.


For comprehensive repair of MS Access database, you will need to use “Compact and Repair”.
Compacting and repairing of Access database always helps except in cases of severe database corruption. In such cases, if you have not created any database backup, the only way to repair your database is by using advanced Access Database Repair software.

These access database repair tools are built with graphical user-interface and come with interactive user-documentation. Such applications use powerful scanning methods to comprehensively scan and repair database after all corruption scenarios. These utilities do delete or modify the original data saved in MS Access database, making the repair process completely safe and risk-free.

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