Monday, December 14, 2009

Resolving “Microsoft Office Access has detected corruption...”

There are millions of database users who maintain their personal or professional records using MS Access application. With their database file size continuously increasing on daily bases, it is common to encounter error messages along their way. These error message prove biggest hindrance in functioning of database and result in numerous performance issues. In most cases, these error messages appear only when the database is corrupt. Corruption in database primarily results in inaccessibility of records stored in the database. To surmount the effects of the error message and to access the database records, most of the database users use an easy way by restoring the data from an updated backup. However, the possibilities of database backup corruption always exist. In such situations, you will need to search for advanced access database repair application to repair your database.

Picture a scenario, where you encounter the below error message when you attempt to mount your Access database:

“Microsoft Office Access has detected corruption in this file. To try to repair the corruption, first
make a backup copy of the file. Click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Manage and then
click Compact and Repair Database. If you are currently trying to repair this corruption, you
need to recreate this file or restore it from a previous backup.”

After the above error message appears, the data stored in the database becomes inaccessible.


As the error message states, your database file corruption has been detected by MS Office. Few causes for file damage are improper system shutdown, virus infection, and application malfunction.


The error message itself displays its resolutions. However, these resolutions prove fruitful in most cases, they fail under below circumstances:
1.Severe database Corruption
2.No backup availability

A perfect alternative to overcome the above situations is by using advanced Access Repair application. Such access repair tools use intensive scanning procedures to repair corrupt databases and restore them on user-specified location. In addition, these tools come with interactive user-documentation, which makes the software easy to understand without any former technical understanding.

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