Monday, November 30, 2009

“Invalid Argument” Error Message while Importing Data

Importing of data stored in MS Excel file to MS Access data file format is an easy process. It is a normal process carried out by users who want to view there data in Access file format. Importing can be performed either in a new or pre-existing MDB/ACCDB file. While importing is a safe process, it might lead to corruption of your database file when you import your data to a large database file (2 GB size). Database file corruption primarily makes the database unmountable, which further results in inaccessibility of its records. A standard way to surmount all the problems created by database file corruption is restoration of records from an updated database backup. However, in case of no backup availability or backup falling short to restore the required records, you will need to search for a powerful third-party repair access application.

Consider a practical scenario, where you receive below error message when you attempt to import data in a large MDB file:

“Invalid Argument”

The records saved in your MDB file become inaccessible after the above error message appears.


The root cause for the above error message is corruption of MDB file. Corruption occurred because tried to import new data in a large size MDB file.


For complete resolution of the above error message and to access MDB file records, you will need to follow the below measures:

1.Shorten your MDB file size using “Compact and Repair” utility.
2.Divide your large size MDB file into many small MDB files. One MDB file can contain all the tables, and the other can database components like, reports and forms.

While the above two resolutions resolve your issue in most cases, the possibilities of occurrence of the above error message still persist. In such situations, you will need to repair your database by using advanced Access Recovery application. Such access database repair tools systematically recover all database components from a corrupted MDB file. Built with highly graphical user interface, these tools are self explicable and do not require any prior technical understanding of the software.

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