Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Database Conversion halts due to Partial Access database Corruption

A Microsoft Access database can either be partial or completely corrupted. While the degree of corruption might vary, the result in most of the situations remains the same – unmountable database and inaccessibility of records. Few main causes of Access database corruption are MS Office malfunction, converting the database from old version to new version, and malicious software like virus. To surpass any degree of Access database corruption, an ideal way is to restore the data from an updated database backup. But if in case, your database backup gets corrupted, damaged, or inaccessible, then you will need to use advanced access repair software to repair your corrupted database.

Consider a practical scenario, where you encounter the below error message, when you attempt to convert from one version of Access to another:

“An error occurred while loading Form_FormName”

The above error message pops up when your database is partially corrupted. To resolve the above error message, you will need to follow the below steps:

1.Create a new copy of the database file when Access is not running.
2.Compact and repair the database using the below steps:
To begin, select “Database Utilities” on the Tools menu. Next, Click on “Compact and Repair Database”.
Select the MDB file in the “Database to Compact From” dialog box that you need to repair.
Click on Compact.
Save the new file in a new folder destination by selecting the “Compact Database Into” dialog box.
Assign a valid and new name to the database file. Finally, click on “Save”.

3.Shut Down MS Access. Open the command prompt, and enter the below command:
"c:\Program Files\Microsoft office\office\msaccess.exe" /decompile "c:\My Documents\MyDatabase.mdb"
4.Repeat the second step.
5.Now try to convert your database again.

In most situations, the above steps repair your partially corrupted database and you are able to convert your database. However, if the above steps fail to resolve your problem and you are unable to convert your database, then you will need to opt for powerful Access Database Repair application. These access repair software ensure complete repair of database after any degree of corruption.

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