Thursday, February 25, 2010

Access Recovery to Fix Jet Engine and Access Database Corruption

Is your MS Access database (MDB or ACCDB) behaving strangely during start-up or while accessing? Are you unable to open Microsoft Access database? Are you experiencing Jet Engine 4.0 corruption errors in Microsoft Access 2000? All this may occur due to corruption of the database or its objects. After corruption, Access application can not read/understand the contents of the database, until you repair it or restore it from backup. If the backup is not available or not updated, access database recovery methods are required.

Access database corruption may take place due to a number of system, application, and environmental factors. The corruption can be identified by odd behavior of database, corruption error messages, or inability of database to open. You may encounter Access database corruption due to virus infection, application crash, improper system shutdown, simultaneous editing of the database, and more.

Microsoft Access application enables you to Repair Access File through inbuilt tool - Compact and Repair. It works in a number of MDB or ACCDB corruption scenarios and restores your database to a working state.

Compact and Repair Tool

The Compact and Repair utility is a combination of two programs - Compact and Repair. The Compact tool eliminates empty space in Access database. It does this by making a new database and then copying every object of old database to new one. If you do not want to create a new database while compacting the database, the tool creates a temporary Access database, exports all database objects from old to temporary database, deletes original Access database, and renames temporary database with the name of original database.

The Repair tool of Compact and Repair utility attempts to repair the database tables, queries, and indexes. However, it doesn't attempt to repair the damaged reports, modules, macros, and forms.

Although, Compact and Repair tool helps you in several situations to get your database repaired, but it does not repair all database objects and can not handle severe corruption situations. In such circumstances, third-party Access Database Repair applications come to your rescue.

The applications are powerful enough to handle all types of Access database corruption scenarios. They thoroughly scan entire database using high-end scanning algorithms and retrieve all database objects. These access repair tools do not demand sound technical skills as they have simple and rich graphical user interface. The software preserve the integrity of the database due to their read-only and non-destructive demeanor.

Access Recovery is a comprehensive application that repairs and restores damaged MDB and ACCDB database. The software works well with Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. It recovers all database objects such as tables, queries, indexes, reports, forms, macros, modules, and constraints.

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