Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interrupted Write Operation May Cause Access Database Corruption

Are you unable to open your Microsoft Access database after improper shutdown? Are you facing error message while trying to access any particular MS Access database object? Such behavior are caused by improper shutdown of Microsoft Access application. It may damage the database objects, database files, or application files, and eventually lead to significant data loss situation, and call for access database repair solution to sort the problem.

It is highly recommended to exit Microsoft Access application, by clicking on the Close or Exit option on File menu. But, if any Microsoft Access database write process is being performed, and suddenly Access is shut down, incorrectly, Jet Database Engine can mark the database or ACCDB/MDB file as corrupted/suspect.

The problem may take place when your computer is turned off manually without shutting down the system or if power outage occurs. Other circumstances might not shut down the MS Access but can interfere with write process of data (on the hard drive) by the Jet Engine while database is open. For instance, you may encounter this problem when the hard drive malfunctions or the networks face data collision.

When any of the above interruptions take place, Microsoft Jet Database Engine may mark your Access database as possibly damaged.

When Jet Engine starts the write operation, it sets up a flag and resets the flag after completion of write operation. In case if the operation does not complete successfully, flag remains intact. When you attempt to reopen the database, Jet finds out that flag is set and reports that Access database is damaged.

The above behavior leads to severe data loss situations and you need to restore your valuable data from the most recent backup to get your critical data back. However, in case the backup is not updated or is unavailable, Access Repair through third-party applications become need of the hour.

The Access File Repair software are powerful enough to carry out thorough scan of the corrupted MS Access database file and extract all inaccessible tables, forms, reports, macros, and modules. The access repair tools come equipped with simple, self-descriptive, and rich graphical user interface to enable you to carry out recovery on your own.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software is a read-only and powerful tool that provides assured recovery of corrupted Access database. The software works well with Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. In addition to all the access database objects, it also recovers database constraints such as primary key and foreign key.

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