Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fixing Application and System-related Issues in MS Access

Ever wondered why you receive error messages while accessing your MS Access database? While the reasons could be countless, the main reason for the error message remains as application related issues.
These problems do allow the Access database to mount, further resulting in inaccessibility of database records. However, you can feel relaxed in case you have maintained a valid backup of your database and other data saved in your system. But in case you haven't, then you will need to use advanced access database recovery software to resolve application-related issues.

Below listed are some application-related issues that can result into an error message, while mounting the database:

A fragmented Access database
A corrupted Access database
Incorrect Registry settings
Bug in Microsoft Access
A damaged Access database
Corrupt dynamic link libraries (*.dll files)

Follow the below resolutions to resolve all the application-related issues:

Install all DLL file(s) required by MS Access.
Rebuild and reset the Windows registry settings for MS Access.
In case of corrupted database, import all the database objects to a new database and compile them.
In case of fragmented database, compact and repair the database.
In case of severely corrupted database, restore the database the from an updated backup.

In most cases, the above steps help you to resolve the error messages caused due to application malfunctioning. However, if all the above steps fail to resolve the problem, then you will need to repair your corrupt database then it means that your database is severely corrupted and can only be repaired by using an advanced third-party Access Database Repair application.

An access repair utility is competent enough to repair database and resolve all application related issues. The database repair tool can be used even a user who does not have any prior experience in repairing an Access database. Such repair tools repair almost all Access objects, like tables, reports, forms, and queries. The repair utility also allows the user to restore the database on desired location.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is one such powerful Access Repair tool that systematically repairs MS Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002), and 2000 database objects. The repaired Access objects can be firstly previewed and then saved on user-specified location. Supported by Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000, the non destructive utility comes in with a detailed user-manual.

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