Thursday, March 11, 2010

Converting Access Database Using DAO Compact Database May Cause Corruption

Are you unable to open your Microsoft Access Database (MDB or ACCDB) after converting the database from earlier version to later version using DAO Compact Database method? It causes unexpected errors while accessing the database and wants you to reconvert the data or import database components to new database. However, this method may not work if the database is either locked or corrupted. In case of corruption, you need to go for access database recovery to work around the data loss problem.

As an practical instance, you may come across the below error message while accessing a Microsoft Access database that is converted from a prior version:

“This database is in an unexpected state; Microsoft Access can't open it. This database has been converted from a prior version of Microsoft Access by using the DAO Compact Database method instead of the Convert Database command on the Tools menu (Database Utilities sub menu). This has left the database in a partially converted state. If you have a copy of the database in its original format, use the Convert Database command on the Tools menu (Database Utilities sub menu) to convert it. If the original database is no longer available, create a new database and import your tables and queries to preserve your data. Your other database objects can't be recovered.”

After the above error message, you come across database inaccessibility and data loss. In order to gain access of your precious data, you need to find out the cause of this problem and perform Access Repair by sorting it out.

Root of the problem

It occurs if you convert an Access database by using DAO Compact Database method, in place of using the Convert Database method. It may also leave your database in corrupted state.


You can sort out this problem by any of the below methods:

If you have copy of original database, try reconverting the database.
If the copy is not available, make a new Access database and import database components to newly created database.

In case of database corruption, third-party access repair software are required to methodically scan the database and retrieve data from it. The applications Repair Access File in a quick and easy way as they have simple graphical user interface. They are totally safe with read-only conduct.

Access Recovery is the best utility ever made for assured recovery of damaged Access database. It works well with Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The software restores all database objects such as tables, reports, forms, queries, and more.

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