Sunday, March 14, 2010

Resolving MS Access 2000 Table Corruption

Microsoft Access table is a grid that contains several rows and columns to save records of different data types. It is one of most commonly used component used by MS Access users to maintain their professional and personal records. Each MS Access table is equally prone to corruption as any other object of the MS Access database object. In most cases of MS Access database table, the database user encounters an error that halts him/her to access its saved records. To nullify the effect of table corruption, an easy way for the database user is to restore the table from an updated backup. But, in case of inaccessibility of the table backup, the user needs to repair the table by using an effective access database recovery tool.

Consider a practical case, where you attempt to modify the records saved in your MS Access 2000 table, and you receive the below error message:

“The size of a field is to long”

You are not able to modify the table nor perform any other function after the above error message pops up. Moreover, you are also not able to view the records saved in the table.


The above error message appears when the table becomes corrupted. Corruption primarily occurs due to improper shut down of the database, virus attack, and simultaneous modification by two or more users.


To repair the corrupted MS Access table, you will need to compact and repair the database using below steps:

1.Click on 'Tools', then select 'Compact and Repair Database' option.
2.Choose 'Database to Compact From’ option, then select 'Compact'.
3.Select 'Save' and provide a safe destination to save the repaired database.

However, if you receive another error message after following the above steps, then you will need to use the an advanced third-party Access Repair utility to repair the table.

“Error Code -1506
Error Description:Could not find field "field name"”

An access repair tool is a database repair application that employs advanced repairing mechanisms to repair the database and bring it back in reusable state.

Access Recovery is an advanced, yet easily understandable Access Database Repair application that repairs all kinds of MS Access database objects, including tables. Compatible with MS Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002), and 2000, the repair utility allows the user to save the repaired database object on desired location. It can be installed on Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

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