Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Repairing Database Using Jet Compact Utility

MS Access application is one of the most widely used software used to create and maintain databases. The databases created using this application are used for various purposes like accounting, reporting, and more. However, like any other database, an MS Access database can also be corrupted due to various reasons, such as, improper system shutdown, MS Access malfunction, and virus attacks. In most of the cases, MS Access application detects the corruption at the time when the user attempts to mount his/her database. An ideal way to overcome any MS Access corruption situation is by restoring data from an updated backup. But in case the database backup is unavailable or inaccessible, then the user needs to use an effective access repair application.

Three ways to repair a corrupted MS Access database are:

Repair the corrupt MS Access database from the dialog box which pops-up when MS Access detects that the database is corrupted.
Use 'Compact and Repair' option by using below steps:

1.Select 'Tools', and then 'Compact and Repair Database' option.
2.Select 'Database to Compact From’ option, and then click 'Compact' to start compacting.
3.Click 'Save' to save the repaired database.

The user needs to run VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code used by the Compact Database method.

However, if the database remains corrupted after using the above methods, then s/he needs to use Jet Compact (Jetcomp.exe) utility. This utility is successful because it opens or closes the database before compacting it. However, there is a misconception, that is, if this utility is unable to repair the database, then the database can not be accessed. The truth is that the database can still be repaired and accessed using an effective access database recovery application.

Third-party Access Repair tools comprehensively repair the database when all the above repair techniques fail to perform. The database repair tools employs advanced scanning procedures to perform repair and restore it at the user-specified location. The tool neither deletes nor modifies the original database file.

Access Recovery is one of the most commonly used Access Repair software to repair corrupt database created in MS Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002), and 2000. The database repair application allows the user to preview the repairable file before storing. The tool is designed for Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000 operating systems.

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