Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to resolve “The expression you entered…” Error Message in Microsoft Access

Sometimes, when you attempt to mount your Microsoft Access database, you encounter an error message. The main reason for the occurrence of the error message is the corruption of MS Access database, coding errors, and more. The major outcome for occurrence of the error message is inaccessibility of the data stored in your Access database. To overcome such startup hazards, the best option is to restore the data from an updated backup. However, if an updated backup is unable to restore the desired data, then you will need to opt for powerful Access Recovery application that can recover the lost information.

As a practical instance, you encounter the below error message when you attempt to mount your MS Access database (Departments):

“The expression you entered has a field, control, or property name that Microsoft access can’t find”

You encounter the above message each time you try to mount your Departments database. Furthermore, the error message also shows a function that is not working and stopping the database to mount. The data saved in the Departments database becomes inaccessible after the above error message appears.


The root cause for the unmountable Departments database and the error message is the database having a long file name, and you assign a function using the below syntax:

OnAction = "=()"


To resolve the above error message and access the Departments database, you need to delete parentheses (()) and equal sign (=) when you assign the function to the OnAction property of the command bar.

But, if the above resolution falls short to mount the Departments database and the data stored in it still remains inaccessible, then you will need to opt for advanced Access Recovery application. Such Access Database Repair utilities incorporate high end scanning mechanisms to recover data from corrupted Access database. These repair access tools are designed with highly graphical user interface, which makes them self explanatory and repair centric. These repair applications ensure comprehensive recovery of Access database files (.accdb and .mdb).

Access Recovery Software is a feature rich and trust worthy repair tool that is compatible with Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002) and 2000. The utility can restore and access repair database components including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules. The non destructive repair utility is designed for Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT operating systems.

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